Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This blog is done and dusted folks, tune into whats going on at Flanagan surfboards on our new blog at http://blog.flanagansurfboards.com/

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Our main man in Indo has been working hard.


Bali,Sumbawa,Bali,Lombok,Bali,Sumatra,Bali,Malaysia,Sumbawa,Bali...life on the road for are main man Dedi Gun must be tuff,poor bloke gets buffed by the girls gets buffed by his sponsors gets buffed by buff it self...so Dedi GO AND GET BUFFED you lucky man.........YYYYEEEOOOOWWWW.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Santa delivers

Johny Craig's air drop into Boxing Day.
Photo-Tom Woods.

No names sending out the love.

Young grom Robbie Pugh taking on a bomb at his home spot.
Photo - Mum.

MNC point doing its thing.
After surf munch out.

Well somebodys been bribeing Santa with the goods because Santa came through with flying colours this year with a solid 6 feet + swell out of the east with winds to suit.Im sure everybodys been getting there share. Here are a couple of shots and by no means all of the spots the we have been sampling.....yeeeoooww.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dylan Lehmann down in Mex with a friend

The lucky few.

Jonny doing his thing.

Lobster hunter

Harley Ingelby shack time.
All photos sTimages.

Not to many guys could say they got barrels this morning on the Coffs Coast,but these 2 shack masters did.Johny Craig and Harley Ingelby hooked up with photog Tom Woods,the boys had to do a bit of driving before they stumbeld on something worth getting wet for....mission completed.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Grom leading the groms

The class room.

The message.

Coffs Harbour's own son Troy "Grom" Wilson teaching the local rug rats the fundamentals at a Coffs Bordriders club round held at Diggers Beach.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Grains ,summer time boogie in full swing.

A crWispy boost on the Shiraz

Part of the back bone.

Be there.

Wispy has put the nail bag away of late and is layin down the groove with his band The Grains.The boy's are playing gig's up and down the coast all summer so look them up and go treat yourself to some fine tunes....yeeooowww.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Justin Delanne joins the Northcore Europe team

Justin busting out with the goods somewhere in Martinique this week.

Surfersvillage Global Surf News - - The hub of European surfing is South West France so Northcore are pleased to announce the introduction of Bidart based French surfer Justin Delanne to the brand as a Northcore Europe team rider. Justin is the first French surfer to join the team and will represent Northcore France as the brand continues to expand in that region.

Delanne a goofy footer, born in 1990 in Martinique is now based in the surfing hotbed of Bidart, SW France. Justin has competed in surf competitions across Europe from a young age, acheiving good results in the pro-junior events and in between studying for a business degree he's also found time to travel the world surfing in Australia, Timor, Indonesia, California, Brasil, Hawaii, Morocco and more.

Laura Beem of Northcore France said of the recent joining, “We’re very excited to have Justin on board. He’s a perfect representative of the new generation French surfers. Proud of their roots but travelling the world and competing where they can!”

Northcore is a British based, European surf & boardriding company with an international heritage, combining British innovation with European designers and pro-surfer know how. Everything Northcore does reflects its roots in hardcore cold water surfing, producing tough, practical products of exceptional quality, integrity and design. Northcore France has been operating since 2009 through Zintzo Distribution based in Biarritz.


Thursday, December 8, 2011


Dedi and his trusty 6'4" step up connecting with Hamish.

Like vivid dreams, Hamish Humphrey’s work always gives us the feeling that we are floating right next to him. Here he captures an extraordinary study of two steps along the songline for Mr. Dedi Gunn. Exhibiting not only a personality study for us of Dedi in his famous long sleeve shirt, but a tableau of the entire environment that the surfer plays in and above. The reef is never far away In Indonesia. Something Humphrey’s uncanny sense of clear focus never lets us forget.

Words and photos supplied buy Surftime magazine Indo.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Zion Train

The Pan American Surfing Games were held in Guadeloupe recently, Gege was there rep'n his hood with a fresh quiver in tow.Good times a plenty were had with the "Irie vibe" well and truly alive...yeeooww.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Eugene Tollmarche, barrel bintang hounding nasi chomper with a mean hack

The freshies with our new logo we are playing with.

Maxing Lakeys

Where the bloke spends most of his time....the barrel.


I meet Eugene many years ago at a bar France,I was supposed to shape him some boards then but it didnt happen.Fast forward 10 or so years and I finaly get to do some for the Pom Occy.
Eugene is one of the UK's best surfers and has a pretty good life,he works as a cook and guide on board "Jiwa" a beautifull vessel that works the Northern part of Sumatra through Tradewinds Adventures.Eugene is no novice in the surf,the bloke charges like a mad bull and rips the bag out of those Indo walls,ya would pretty much give ya left ball for just a couple of days of his life,just not those days when he hits the turps on his time off....cheers Gov.

Check out the website from Tradewinds adventures,if your looking for sic waves and great times these guys have you covered.

Friday, December 2, 2011

"It's a grom's life"

After over a month in Bali hooking into some Indo delights "gromet" Dylan Lehmann was straight back into the swing of things as soon as he got back to Maui.After a couple of days rest he was off to Kauai to compete in a NSSA comp and bought home the bacon with a first place result.That timed in with a nice swell so it was of to his local for a shack and punt fest and test some fresh sticks.At time of writing the wiper snapper is on the North Shore for the Surfer Pole awards and to do the dish's at the Quiksilver pipe house in return for prime positioning...hard life.
Photos-Andy Lehmann.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


After a 4 month work/vacation stint in France and Bali we are back in Oz and its full steam ahead.We started off the trip with a short stop over in Bali.I hadnt been there for over 10 years and was expecting a big change, and that change hit me accross the face.The main thing that blew me away was the traffic,I dont even know where to start on this one ,its just off tap,and what Kuta has transformed into is quiet scary.The Island still has her charm and so captivated me again, as it did in the early 80's on my first visit, I spend the most part of the decades that followed chasing the waves and experiences through the archipelago off this first buzz ,as many did, and got to know her moods fairly well .The waves,culture and food are all still the same,and to taste all again was a treat,allso introducing this culture that I love to my partner and my kids was a very satisfying experience.We were lucky enough to be hosted by Shane and Annette Swadling who have a great Villa at Cunggu and enjoyed some fun waves there,thanks guys for putting up with the rug rats.We also stayed with a good friend of mine Mick,who owes Micks place at Bingin,he and his lovely partner Sascha buffed us out in the honeymoon bungalow and we had some quality time there relaxing,surfing and reaquainting myself with a place I spent a lot of time at in the past.I hooked up with one of my team riders while in Bali aswell,the style master himself Dedi Gun,who had just taken out Surftimes most stylish surfer on land and in the water at the awards held in Bali. We enjoyed some fun sessions in the water and visited some of Dedi's favourite Padang food haunts,it was so good to hook into this tucker again,I missed it for a long time.
France,what can I say but amazing.Food ,wine,waves on tap,this year was a special one as an Indian summer went into full swing through September/ October with swell and offshores to match it.To start the trip we landed straight into the Fete De Bayonne which is a 5 day festival/party.Some friends and family were there at the airport in Biaritzz dressed in red and white and dragged us straight into the maddness.....4 days later we came out of it,everything intact...just.
I got straight into the shape room after that and started to forfill the orders.A big thank you to Oliver at Fatlines Glassing who done a great job in getting the boards out over the next 3 months, with such good quality,putting up with me coming in the the factory after getting barreled all morning and hasseling him for a board to be ready for a team rider or Pro or someone,I know what I would have said to me, but Oliver motored on singing his song,smoke 10 joints in the morning,smoke 10 joints at night..........classic.
Team rider Jayke Sharp was in Europe for the Pro events and came out with a bang in Newquay posting 8's and 9's only to be let down in the next round by mother nature,this routine continued for Sharpy throughout Europe,in one event he was throwing away 9's. Allthough he was ripping the bag out it and was talked of highly by peirs and punters he just couldnt link the heats to get him through.But the lad had a ball,he and Heath Joske and good friend Geary blazed the bars and beach's where ever they went.We scored some fun waves while they were there and many good times,a big thank you to Tavis for putting the boys up in his amazing pad in Bidart,and to the locals at Marbella for leting the boys hook into their turf.Young Tahitian ripper Mateia Hiquily was also in town getting shacked and boosting all over the place on his fav FG-2 model,I cant beleve this board is still in one piece after the punishment this grom has handed out to it.
The experiences over the months we were in in France were as allways,superb,and it was great to see family and friends again,too many good times and good people here to mention, ill just say "viva le pays basque"...merci a tout.

Au revoir France and its was back to Bali for nasi cumpur,star beer,fresh juice,barrels and a semi detox after France.I hooked up with my grom team rider from Maui and his mum Jennifer and we had a great time.Dylan is absolutly ripping and has a great future in the sport,I havent seen to many 13 year olds surfing like him.His reef surfing at this age is amazing,he was blowing everybody away with his maturity in some heavy situations,the kid has what it takes.I bought a couple of fresh sticks from France for the grom and he took to them straight away,I also managed to shape some for him in Bali so the grom went back to Hawaii for the start of the season loaded up with the sic quiver,the grom was frothing to hit the Quik Pipe house and hook into the Nth shore season.
A lot was acheived over the past 4 months in the development of current models and the addition of several new ones that Im realy excited about.We will also be releasing new logos model graffics and a new website/blog, all which will be launched early in the new year with the help of the very talented guys at Tazman multi media.
A big thank you to Mick Curley,Pete Mathews and Basti,these lads have their game down pat on the Island of the Gods. Allso to Mick & Sascha at Micks Place,the staff , Annie and the Bingin asli,it was "great" to get back,and to all our old and new clients....thanks for your support and patience guys.....JF.
Photo credits
-Glen Hardwick

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dylan Lehmann's Indo playground.

The grom is having a ball in Bali scoring some sic waves at Bingin and taking in the culture of Bali from the ocean to the mountains.Flanagan surfboards Indo reguler Mick McComas took the grom under his arms and the boys hit up a few hideaways out west to try and beat the crowds....Some more reports coming soon from the Island...yeeeooww.
Photos from Baliwaves.com and Dylans mum Jennifer.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mateia Hiquily and his air antics, at the worlds in Brazil.

lundi 24 octobre, 22h27
In this photo provided by the Association of Surfing Professionals, Mateia Hiquily , of Tahiti, competes in the Arnette World Junior surfing competition in in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Monday, Oct. 24, 2011. (AP Photo/ASP, Sean Rowland)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Morning / Afternoon, south west France

Some barrels to be had.

A shorey.

The past month or more around the south west of France has had it all,very good waves,sun and good times.Ive been hooking into the shaping and missed some good sessions but also scored a lot of magic ones...yeeoooww.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dedi Gun, Bingin Bali.

Dedi Gun on fire out at Bingin yesterday on our F3 model.
Photos from baliwaves.com

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Couple of freshies for Justin & Gege

The boys are frothing,and theres a few more to come yet in this batch for the lads...yeeeww.